Endia’s Collection, LLC

About My Business

My name is Endia and I'm the owner and CEO of Endia's Collection, LLC.

Over the past decade, I have specialized in creating custom wigs using 100% raw Brazilian and Indian hair, helping customers maintain their favorite wigs, and fulfilling other fashion needs. From time to time, I conduct educational classes, teaching women how to become entrepreneurs themselves by combining their ingenuity with mastering the skill of creating wigs using a sewing machine.

My ultimate vision is to make this world a better place by adding positivity, smiles, and happiness to people's faces, embedding confidence within individuals who feel inadequate or unworthy-especially those who face hair loss due to medical issues. Encouraging folks in this way will allow them to have confidence in every step of the way as they walk forward in their life's journey.

Services Offered

  • Custom wigs made of 100% raw Brazilian and Indian hair
  • Lacefront wigs
  • Specialty spot pieces
  • Repair / maintenance of wigs
  • Other natural beauty
  • Cosmetic
  • Fashion products.