F.U.G.L.Y. Wigs

About My Business

Hi, I go by the name Gegi Color (geh-jee). I am a wig maker, and I literally just thought about ventilating wigs because I was a crochet designer for so long. I started my first ventilated wig when I was in Barber school. I had seen a very small latch hook in my barbers my lady book. And decided, man this is used for making man units, so I decided to go to the beauty supply store but I wake up and began ventilating wigs with a crochet latch hook a very small crochet. I never finished this week, but I very much found it therapeutic to do it so a beard off from it of course cuz I was in barber school at that point, but I picked it back up after I had been in the nail industry for about a good 5 years. I'm a licensed cosmetologist as well as a licensed Barber, and I wanted to now move into utilizing my other skill sets that I had been to school for. So I decided to get back into hair. But not just any kind of hair form I wanted to go back to doing ventilated wigs. So this is my journey. Welcome!

Services Offered

  • Full Lace Wigs
  • Wig Resoration
  • Wig Repairs
  • Ventilating Services