Magnolia J Wigs

About My Business

As a nurse, I got to see the poor quality of wigs manufactured for patients with medical alopecia. I lost much of my own hair at the age of 21. I began to ask myself why alopecia patients cannot have the same quality wigs that are seen in films and television. In 2011, I took my first wig making class from master wigmaker Marquetta Breslin. I fell in love with the craft and for many years I made wigs for free. I found that through wig making that I could connect with people in a way that I had not in nursing.
Eventually, I began to collect private clients. I've also done work for various wig brands improving their products and consulting. That gave me great experience working in cooperation with many wig manufacturers. I took additional wig classes from Mr. John Yim on hair processing.
Two years ago, I teamed up with my sister, MJ, who is also a nurse and wigmaker. We have been working diligently to start an online company. Over the years, my private clients have pushed me to use finer and finer lace. To accommodate, I've had to learn and invent new ways to care for wigs so that they will last longer. Out of that has come a book on wig care and maintenance that I'm almost done writing. We have also created a unique oil blend called Nectar J.

Services Offered

  • Human Hair Wig Sales
  • HD Synthetic Wig Sales
  • Custom Men’s Full Lace Hair System
  • Re-fronting (Lace Extension)
  • Hairline Improvement or Replacement
  • Knot Bleaching
  • Repairs and Restorations
  • Silicone Coating Restoration For Non-remy Wigs
  • Oil Blend Sales
  • Hairlines Are My Specialty