Marie African Hair Braiding

About My Business

I start making Lace wigs for myself because am a wig lover, I mostly wear wigs all my adulthood; It's just convenient. Since am a braider, I upgraded to making full braided lace wigs for a difference.
Lace wig making is actually something I took seriously because I believe it's a calling for me. When I was younger, around 15 years old, I suddenly, out of nowhere, woke up one morning with a hair loss condition. You could see some bald spots here and there. It was so terrifying; I was mocked and picked on by classmates at school. I went to see a dermatologist and was able to cure it…
Years later, In 2007, I started braiding at the same time as attending college; 15-16 years of experience in the hair industry now. One moment, over the years, I begin to get tired of braiding and wanted a change of career, but the Lord held me back there. I keep on receiving in my chair clients with alopecia and have to find a way to braid their hair to cover the spots. Also, I found myself explaining and advising about how to get their hair back since am a certified hair coach (the equivalent of a Trichologist)…
This is indeed a calling, and am looking forward to meeting you not only as your wig maker but your hair coach.

Marie Agathe Waoulo

Services Offered

  • Braided Wigs
  • Full Lace Wigs and Frontals
  • Wig Repairs
  • Hair Condition Repair Oils

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