Trendy FX Beauty & Wellness Incorporated

About My Business

I am Trever Wilson. Cosmetologist for 32 years and a Licensed Practical Nurse for 2 years. I have combined both professions to create my Anime' The Hair Care Nurse.

I address scalp conditions and hair loss due to medical diagnosis or taking medications resulting in hair loss. I dig into the history of what we are dealing with concerning your hair and create a hair care plan. Within this plan, clients are most of the times prescribed customized wig units designed to compliment their look and lifestyle. Special products are made to treat scalp conditions, and I have teamed up with a scientist/chemist who has formulated a follicle repair system I prescribe for daily application.

I erupt beauty from the inside out! I design wig units that are desired and trendy. My business idea started from losing my oldest sister to lung failure. I dedicate the success of this business and the desire to help others identify beauty from the inside out. No matter how sick my sister got, she wanted her hair popped! Wigs, Weaves, Why Not? That was our motto then and still is. I am a wig maker while taking care of the root issue.

Services Offered

  • Machine Made Wigs
  • Hand Sewn Wigs
  • Ready to Ship
  • Ventilated Wigs
  • Lace Fronts
  • Man Weaves
  • Detachable Wig Units