TruBeauty Hair Studio & Hair Loss Center, LLC

About My Business



WHO AM I? A licensed cosmetologist who has been in the hair industry since 1996. I am also a wife and a mother of three.

WHAT DO I DO? I style hair for ladies & gents with various types of hair loss.
And the most important question…

WHY I DO WHAT I DO? I LOVE giving women (and men) back their confidence and feeling like they are beautiful (handsome). Hair loss can be a devastating blow to anyone's self esteem and it will make you hide who you really are. Visiting TruBeauty can change all of that. Deciding not to go out with friends and family will be a thing of the past! Let me give you back your confidence! Let me ENHANCE BEAUTY THAT'S ALREADY THERE.

Services Offered

  • Hair Replacement Services
  • Wig Services
  • Custom Made Toppers

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