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Unique styles by Dot
Owned and operated by Doris Hardeman, been in business for over 30 years.

As early as eight years old, I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. Over the years unique styles by Dot has kept up with the latest trends in hairstyles and most importantly healthy hair care.

Falling in love with Wig making many years ago but yet feeling empty knowing that there was more to the skill of making wigs.

Many years ago I had a vision but not really understanding what it was I didn't put the effort into pursuing The vision.

November 2018, while sitting in church, the vision came back. That same night while exploring YouTube I came across Marquetta Breslin. At that very MOMENT, I realize the vision I had many years before was a technique called, “VENTILATING”.
December 2018 while shopping I came across Marquetta Breslin first Lace Wig Training System. Falling in love with the skill more and more, in February 2019, I purchased Marquetta's Lace Wig Training System 2.0. May 2019, I attended Marquetta's 1 day Bootcamp in Atlanta, GA. I also joined Marquetta's Lace Wig Mentorship program, and I've purchased many of her online programs. I'm January 2020 I flew out to Vegas for her 5-day live event; it was AMAZING!!!!!!?

As I continue to take my wig-making and ventilating skills to the next level I realize there are many techniques to learn, and the possibilities of wig making and ventilating are ENDLESS and so REWARDING.

Services Offered

  • Ventilating Service
  • Custom Hand and Machine Made Wigs
  • Wig Repair
  • Custom Made Closures
  • Nonsurgical Hair Replacement
  • Wigs, Weaves, and Hair Extension Training

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